​​​​Now offering Keratin Treatments!

​ Introducing you to humidity-free,smooth, fast to style, shiny manageable hair! ​Keratin treatments are a temporary but long lasting hair straightening, smoothing, conditioning process, that will help eliminate frizz.​ The effects can usually last around 8-12 weeks.

You have 3 options with my keratin services:

1.The Keratin 'Straight & Smooth Treatment ' will reduce curl up to 50%, and eliminate frizz up to 95% leaving hair revitalized, reconditioned and silky smooth for up to 12 weeks. This treatment will gradually leave the hair, and there is NO sharp difference between treated areas and new growth. Subsequent treatments are done just the same as the first treatment.

​2. The Keratin XPRESS Treatment will reduce curl up to 50% and eliminate frizz up to 80%, leaving hair revitalized & conditioned like the above treatment, but this option only lasts one month. A great introduction to the keratin treatment services​.

 2. The  Keratin Infused Relaxing treatment service, is a significantly longer lasting treatment. ​ A chemical straightening service infused with keratin, this service will give you a relaxed and straight hair texture, and will require touch-up's on regrowth. Reducing curl up to 100% and eliminating frizz up to 95%.

​​   * This third option, is a service that cannot be done on bleached, excessively highlighted, chemically relaxed, permed or damaged hair.

​​**All clients must wait 2 days to shampoo their hair after any keratin service, and must maintain with the keratin maintenance system shampoo and conditioner for best results and to extend the life of the keratin treatment performed**

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​​​​Cutting Curls with the Deva Technique:

Trends & Techniques Explained:

​Keratin Results:


​​With babylights, I'm taking and weaving very fine sections and am really specific about where those pieces fall to create light and subtle dimension throughout the hair.

​'Foils' vs 'Balayage':

​While Balayage is a creative hand-painting technique that gives off soft natural 'sun-kissed' looks, foils produce more of a drastic dimensional result.


​The trick to foilayage is blending the two (Balayage and Foils) for a bold dimensional punch, mixed in with subtle hues.

New 2018 Terminology: 

Barber, Stylist & Colorist

​​Curls have a personality ALL THEIR OWN!​The interior of curly cuts is just as important as the exterior, as well as the interior of the curls 'structure.'

​The curly hair type is more dry than straight hair types. It's vital to nourish & hydrate your locks.

​When cutting, it's important that your stylist works properly with the natural curl pattern of not only each head, but each individual curl to eliminate those pesky 'ledges, shelves and puffy areas' with specific blending techniques.

​My training ensures my ability to reinforce the hairs own curl structure, remove weight and add strength to create waterfalls of spirals, NOT a frizzy, dry nest of curls!

​Finishing the cut with curly hair includes product cocktailing and specific deva styling techniques that embrace every curl, which is KEY, so I make sure that each client of mine knows what I'm doing, and I won't let you go home until I'm positive that you understand your curls, and that you are educated and comfortable with maintaining their beauty at home!