​Hair Cuts / Blow Dry:

​*All prices are starting points

  • Women's Cut & Professional Blow-Out ~$60+

  • Men's Cut ~$35+

  • ​Men's Cut w/ shampoo ~$40

  • Deva Technique Cut & Style  ~$70 ​(Curly Hair-includes lesson for at home styling with ease & minimal effort)

  • ​Blow Dry ~$40+

  • Blow Dry with Curl or Flat Iron ~$45

​Hair Color:

​*All prices are starting points; each additional bowl of color used is $20*

  • Women’s Cut & Color ~ $130
  • Women’s Cut & Color through Ends ~ $155
  • ​Base Color Retouch & Blowout ~$120    (For grey coverage)
  • Base Color *add-on* ~$60
  • ​Low-Light *add-on* ~$25
  • Partial Highlight ~$100+

(Highlights from the crown of the head, forward)

  • Full Highlight ~$175+

(Highlights all over)

  • Balayage ~$130​ +

(Hand painted highlights for a more natural grow out) 

  • ​Mini Foil *Add-on* ~$75+
  • ​Platinum-Card Highlight ~$200

(Highlights all over, for the lightest blondes)

  • ​Ombre ~$250+
  • Highlights w/ Cut~ $180+

  • Keratint Gloss / Toner ~$26+

​(Mixed with Keratin for color enhancement & added shine)

  • ​Corrective Color ~Pricing done at consultation, depending on product and time usage

  • Bold Statement Fantasy Colors ~priced upon consultation

  • Keratint Gloss Toner ~$26 

  • Demi-permanent Color & style ~$125+

​(Roots to ends color for grey-blending, or to enhance natural color/shine. Gradually fades over time, leaving no line of demarcation)

​WITH CUT $175

  • ​Men's Cut & Color $110+

  • Beard Color ~$30

Hair Treatments:

​*All prices are starting points.​​

  • Reconstructive / Hydrating Conditioning Treatments ~$15+up

  • ​Keratin Xpress ~$150

​(Smooth, strong, healthy & frizz-free hair for up to 8 weeks)

  • ​Keratin Straight & Smooth Treatment ~$250

​(Smooth, strong, healthy, frizz-free, fast-drying, manageable hair for up to 3 months) 

  • ​Keratin Infused Relaxing Treatment ~$300

  • Malibu Well Water Treatment ~$30

​(Removes hard water deposits and impurities, leaving hair softer and shinier. Also eliminates brassiness, discoloration and damage caused by hard water mineral absorption)

  • ​Malibu Swimmers Treatment ~$30

​(Removes all the hair-harsh elements from pool or ocean water that can damage and cause discoloration to the hair. Also removes and prevents "swimmers green hair")

Waxing Services:

  • Brow Waxing and Shaping ~$21

  • Lip Wax ~$13

  • Chin Wax ~$13

  • Back Wax ~$100

  • ​Back & Shoulder Wax ~$110

* All prices above are estimates. They may vary due to hair condition, length,  or density *

*PLEASE NOTE there is a $25 24hr cancellation fee

​​​​Now offering Keratin Treatments!

​ Introducing you to humidity free, smooth, fast to style, shiny manageable hair! ​Keratin treatments are a temporary but long lasting hair straightening, smoothing, conditioning process, that will help eliminate frizz.​ The effects can usually last around 8-12 weeks.

You have 3 options with my keratin services:

1.The Keratin 'Straight & Smooth Treatment  will reduce curl up to 50%, and eliminate frizz up to 95% leaving hair revitalized, reconditioned and silky smooth for up to 12 weeks. This treatment will gradually leave the hair, and there is no sharp difference between treated areas and new growth. Subsequent treatments are done just the same as the first treatment.

​2. The Keratin XPRESS Treatment will reduce curl up to 50% and eliminate frizz up to 80%, leaving hair revitalized & conditioned like the above treatment, but this option only lasts one month. A great introduction to the keratin treatment services​.

 2. The  Keratin Infused Relaxing treatment service, is a significantly longer lasting treatment. ​ A chemical straightening service infused with keratin, this service will give you a relaxed and straight hair texture, and will require touch-up's on regrowth. Reducing curl up to 100% and eliminating frizz up to 95%.

​​   * This is a service that cannot be done on bleached, excessively highlighted, chemically relaxed, permed or damaged hair.

​​**All clients must wait 2 days to shampoo their hair after any keratin service, and must maintain with the keratin maintenance system shampoo and conditioner for best results and to extend the life of the keratin treatment performed**

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