​​Your appointment(s) are very important to your stylist, it is reserved especially for you. We respectfully request at least 24 hours notice if you must cancel or reschedule  any appointment(s).

*Please note our cancellation policy has not changed and is still in effect.

(There will be a $20 fee for any cancellation inside of the 24 hr time frame.

Specializing in curly hair-check out photo galleries!

​Come see hair artist, Tabitha Morrill located at the Lawrence Allen Salon, right in the heart of downtown Amesbury. Call (978) 478=7098 for an appointment, a promise is made to you, that with her attention to detail and eye for perfection, you will not be disappointed!

​Tabitha started her professional career in 2003 at The Portsmouth Beauty School in Portsmouth, NH, after which she continued her pursuit professionally by completing the Massachusetts School of Barbering in Quincy, MA.

Upon graduating, she continued the professional pursuit of her dreams while working as an apprentice at the renowned Interlocks salon in the historic Newburyport, MA, as well as consistently challenging her education with classes such as science behind color, Deva certification, Advanced foiling techniques and many more, she never stops learning about her craft, for trends are constantly changing and updating.

Tabitha views hair as one of her many mediums as an artist. Seeing your head as a blank canvas, as a stylist she takes great pride and goes to any extent to tailor each individual person to achieve making their hair become a part of their own ensemble. 

​Tabitha sees beauty in the world everywhere she looks, and in doing so, creates her own way of making things beautiful, as well as helping others to see and feel beauty is her little gift back to the world.


Her motto: 

​"Be you. Love you. Rock your own independent style, the one that makes you love yourself wholeheartedly, especially when you look at your reflection in the mirror."

Her Mission: 

​"The more we understand about ourselves and who we are, the more loyal we can be to our true selves. The more we learn to understand...the more art and beauty we can create. After all,  our life is on earth, and earth without art is just.. eh. Together, we can make our world a little brighter."

​"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms."

​Every day, your hair begins again

​Your daily routine can change it all.

​Nurture your hair & watch it grow.


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